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About Sylvera

Founded by Phil Spencer in 2013, following a distinguished career in the Royal Navy, he was captivated by the allure of emeralds, introduced to him by a trusted family friend. This encounter sparked a passionate journey into the world of fine jewellery, with a particular fascination for emeralds. Phil’s mission to forge an ethical and sustainable enterprise is grounded in his admiration for coloured gemstones, especially emeralds. Embracing family values, the brand was reborn as Sylvera London, a tribute to his daughters Sylvie and Petra, symbolising the brand's legacy and vision for the future.

Our Commitment to Quality & Provenance

Drawing inspiration from Colombia's rich gemstone heritage, Phil's numerous expeditions led to the establishment of our Colombian subsidiary in 2020, strategically located in Bogotá's vibrant emerald district. This allows Sylvera London to source directly from the apex of the supply chain, ensuring transparency and traceability of our exquisite materials. Each gemstone is meticulously selected, named, and accompanied by a Sylvera certificate, embodying our commitment to quality and provenance.

Our Craftsmaship & Artistry

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of our London-based production, where our jewellery is hand-set and finished with unparalleled attention to detail. We blend cutting-edge and traditional techniques to create pieces that are not just jewellery, but legacies. Our collaboration with the finest craftspeople, ensures that every piece meets our exacting standards of excellence. Sylvera London stands as a testament to unwavering dedication, impeccable craftsmanship, and a timeless pursuit of beauty.

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