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How Sylvera brings your engagement ring dreams to life

How Sylvera brings your engagement ring dreams to life

As a couple, one of the biggest steps you can take in your relationship is getting engaged and committing yourself to one another. Rather than a surprise proposal and a ring selected off the high street, many couples are now deciding to craft their perfect engagement ring and making it unique to them. At Sylvera we have a history of creating wonderful bespoke engagement rings which celebrate couples and their special love stories. Here is what you can expect as a couple if you work with us to bring your engagement ring dreams to life.

Why get a Bespoke ring in the first place?


Flowering emerald and diamond engagement ring


As a couple, aside from your wedding rings, your engagement ring is likely the most important piece of jewellery you will ever purchase or wear. Finding an engagement ring should be a joy, rather than something that overwhelms you. 

However, the process can understandably seem daunting at the outset, especially if you aren’t familiar with searching for and buying jewellery. But if you opt to craft a bespoke and unique engagement ring with us at Sylvera; we’ll help guide you through these hurdles step by step. We’ll help you measure your partner's engagement ring finger to save you guessing their ring size. We’ll offer you extensive consultations so you can work out what style of band your partner likes, so they can look at various gemstones and cuts. 

One of the huge benefits of opting for a bespoke engagement ring is that both partners are involved in the process of creating an engagement ring. With both parties invested and working together in tandem, throughout the design process; it reduces the chances of your partner being disappointed in their engagement ring and also helps focus you as a couple and work out what you actually want for your engagement ring.



Halo Sapphire engagement ring

The first stage in the process of creating a bespoke engagement ring at Sylvera is a consultation with us. 

At Sylvera we offer a free, no-obligation appointment where you can discuss creating any sort of bespoke jewellery you wanted to with our expert team. This includes a consultation on bespoke engagement rings. This consultation can either be conducted in-person at our Hatton Garden Studio, or if you live further afield you can choose to book a virtual appointment that will be held over the phone or facetime, or an email thread.


The world of Hatton Garden can be overwhelming, but throughout our time as London DE and now Sylvera, we have built a reputation for helping people and providing a contrast to much of the jewellery world. Ben was overwhelmed by the myriad of options he faced and the hard sell he had encountered in other Hatton Garden retail shops; but was extremely pleased with the help he received from us, being led through every step of the process and being helped by our experts to design the ring and pick out a stone; before receiving the eternity ring he had dreamed of. Anna and her partner created a bespoke engagement ring together with us, and have since come back to create their wedding bands and have recommended us unreservedly. Blair was happy with the first rate service he received from us and the perfect eternity band for his 10th wedding anniversary. These are just a few of the wonderful reviews we’ve received from people on Trustpilot.


Sylvera has earned a 5-star rating from the jewellery authorities; and we take pride in being part of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the National Association of Jewellers and Fairmined, all of which help promote a more ethical and responsible jewellery industry.  Our staff’s unrivalled expertise in crafting responsibly sourced and beautifully crafted jewellery is evident when you get to speak to them; so they really are the best people to lead you through the process of creating a bespoke engagement ring. 


In these consultation sessions we start the designing of your engagement ring. This begins with a brief description of what you're looking for, and then extensive conversations with our team. The more information as a couple you can give us about your ideas, the better we can help you design the perfect engagement ring for you. Don't hold back in these sessions, any images, pinterest mood boards, verbal ideas or sketches on the back of a napkin are helpful. We want to hear all of your ideas. As a couple you will then come up with a fixed design idea alongside our artists. 




Computer Aided Design image of a bespoke engagement ring we have designed

Once this fixed design idea has been finalised, our artists will get to work in bringing those ideas to life. Sylvera will create a CAD image (Computer Aided Design) of your bespoke engagement ring and send it to you via email. Along with the design, you will be provided with gemstone options and a no-obligation full price estimate. 

Crafting your dream ring


Eleni Trapp / A beautiful solitaire engagement ring

Even though the design has been “finalised” at this stage you still have the freedom to arrange as many follow up consultations with us until the engagement ring is exactly as you would want it. Once you are ready to proceed, we will then take a deposit and your item will be lovingly crafted in our Hatton Garden studio and delivered to your door. 

The process of designing your own engagement ring can vary in terms of how long it might take. At Sylvera, it takes us typically around four working weeks from the start of our consultations to the delivery of your ring. But this isn’t a hard and set rule. If you are wanting to create a bespoke engagement ring and have a proposal date already in mind, you should leave at least six weeks to accommodate any changes or problems in the process.

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